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Window Replacement Service

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Professional Window Replacement Services in New Jersey

 London General Contractor – provides window replacement services in New Jersey. We replace everything in a window – from the frame, glass, and mirror to the entire window. Call us today to get your Window service.

Window replacement is needed to improve the home’s appearance, lower energy bills, and increase resale value. A change in window can even bring a new style to the house. A good replacement contractor will understand the situation and replace the windows at an affordable cost.

Who are we?

London General Contractor is a family-owned window replacement contractor in New Jersey with over 20 years of experience. We are background-checked, insured, and certified professionals specializing in window and window parts replacement. Our technicians are skilled and have passed multiple tests to adhere to local laws and regulations. The expertise and dedication will deliver a perfect window replacement. Regardless of the type of windows, we can help.

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Window replacement services In NJ we provide

Full window replacement

We offer a complete window replacement - from removing and disposing of the old one to installing a new one. You don’t have to do anything - our expert team will handle everything. We use advanced installation tools and modern techniques with the combination of our craftsmen's skills to provide the best result. We will get you covered, whether vinyl windows, picture windows, casement windows, aluminum windows, or wood windows.

Full frame replacement

Frame replacement service is suitable for windows with poor frames. Wear, rot, broken, or other damages can destroy the structural integrity of the quality windows. Replacing the entire window is expensive. Besides, you may need to do other tasks than just Windows on your project. In both cases, replacing the frame is the best option. It saves money yet brings the structural integrity of the window.

Glass replacement

Is the glass of the windows broken or damaged? You don’t need to change the entire window for that broken glass. We offer glass replacement services where our skilled technicians replace damaged glasses with top-quality ones. It saves money and ensures the home's clarity, insulation, and security.

Insert or pocket replacement.

This service includes keeping the frame intact while replacing the entire windows. Removing the frames may damage the home structure and wall. After replacing the new frame, you might see gaps between the walls and window. Our team will carefully remove the other parts of the window and replace them with new ones without disrupting the frames.

Sash kit replacement

Sash kit replacement is a great and most affordable way to update the look if your windows are in good condition but need an upgrade. It improves the windows' performance and enhances the house's aesthetic visual.

When should you replace your windows?

Visible damages

You may experience damage even in durable windows. If you see any visible damage in the frame, glass, sash kit, or other window parts, you should either repair or replace that part. Replace the entire window only when severe damage is beyond replacement or repair.

Improve your home’s curb appeal.

Our world changes, and so do our tastes. Are you looking to improve the aesthetic view of your house? Changing the window can be a great way to do that. Replacing the window frames, glasses, or entire windows can improve your home's beauty to match your house's latest trends and styles. You have a variety of styles and popular styles to pick from.

Need lower energy bills.

Windows are vital in energy savings with their insulation and tight sealing properties. Energy bills go higher when the performance of the windows goes down. If you see a change in your energy bills, windows might be the reason. Check the seal and insulation of the windows and replace them if necessary. Try to replace it with an energy-efficient window for better heat transfer.

Increase resale value

Houses with new and modern windows tend to have higher selling value since they can improve energy efficiency and increase aesthetic beauty. If you want to increase the resale value of your house, changing the old-fashioned, underperformed windows is a great way.

Fog or Condensation Forms On The Inside

Does condensation form inside your house? It is a major sign that the insulation and sealant of the windows are failing, and you need to repair or replace them.

Draft around the edges

The draft around your window edges indicates poor sealant and insulation. It increases energy bills. Replace it when you see any draft around the edges.

Water leaking in

Water infiltration can damage the interior of your house. If water enters the house through the windows, it is time to replace it.

The window won’t stay open.

Worn-out hinges, structural problems, or faulty hardware are why the windows won’t stay open. It poses a safety risk to your house.

Broken balance

It is difficult to open and close the windows with broken balance. And it leads to safety and security issues in your house. Replacing the windows can bring back the balance.

Cracked windowpane

Windowpane provides security against water, pest, and draft. A cracked windowpane fails to do so and compromises the integrity of the window structure. Replace the pane or entire window for better performance.

Broken window frame

The window frame is the backbone of the windows. It controls the insulation and overall performance of the windows. Any signs of damage should be taken seriously.

No noise protection

Windows are supposed to prevent noise, especially in a busy place like New Jersey. If your windows fail to do so, you should replace them with insulated and soundproof windows.

Need upgrade to style of window

Don’t your windows go with the style of your house? You can simply change a few parts of your windows or change the windows to match the style of your house or business spaces. Windows can refresh the look of the house to a great extent.

Tough to open and close

Are you having difficulty opening and closing the windows? It is a sign of age, wear, or improper installation. Replacing the windows can fix the problem.

Types of windows we replace

We offer different types of window replacement.

Single-Hung Windows

As the name implies, single-hung windows have one fixed upper and one moveable lower. Our replacement service includes replacing any part or the entire part of single-hung windows.

Double-Hung Windows

We also offer double-hung window replacement with our expert technicians.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are popular for getting more fresh air and natural light. Do you have these? Good news! We can replace the windows or replace a part of them. Or do you need a new one? We can replace your existing one with the bay windows.

Casement Windows

Casement windows offer a wider view and more fresh air and light compared to other windows. Take advantage of our casement window replacement service to improve your home value.

Sliding Windows

Siding windows are common nowadays, so we offer siding windows replacement service. Replace a single part or entire part of the siding windows from our experienced craftsmen.

Window Replacement Services in New Jersey
Window Replacement Services in New Jersey
New Jersey Door replacement

Types of materials for window replacement

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are popular among modern householders and homeowners. They offer less maintenance and versatility. We offer vinyl window replacement services to fulfill your needs.

Wood Windows

Wood windows are a sign of royalty and classiness. Do you have one and need a replacement? We are here to help with our experienced and licensed craftsmen.

How are we special?

Our History

We have been doing window replacement business since 2000. Our history shows that we can handle simple to complex window replacement. We have hundreds of customers in New Jersey who know our history and services. Only some contractors can take pride in that.

Better customer service

Our main focus is customer satisfaction. We understand the customer first and then act to fulfill the customer’s needs. The customer will observe our work while doing it for better output.

Emergency services

We are always ready to respond to our customers’ calls. Whether you need to upgrade the windows to sell the house or replace the part for storm damage, our emergency service will be handy. We deliver fast and emergency replacement or installation services because we understand your urgency.

We are homeowners, too

Let’s be honest. We are homeowners, and we understand the importance of windows. That is why we take care of your windows as our own, and that motivates our technicians to work with care. So you can have peace of mind.

Certification, insurance, and experience

Finally, we are one of a few New Jersey service providers with certification, insurance, and experience performing window replacement services. So you can trust us.

How do we process the work?

1. Window Replacement Project Consultation

We personally meet with you about the replacement project, during which we precisely give cost estimation, design, and materials.

2. Window Sizing

Our team will visit and take measurements of your windows to ensure accuracy and precision.

3. Removing old windows or parts

Our experienced team will remove your old windows or parts without damaging the property.

4. Window Installation

We will install new windows and give the final touches, including caulking and sealing.

5. Replacement feedback

Once completed, we will contact you for your feedback and satisfaction.

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