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We are one of the best commercial roofing repair companies in NJ - We provide the services below.

Local contractor

We are your neighbors. And we have been in New Jersey for a long time. We understand the tastes, styles, and preferences of New Jersey people. Very few contractors have been doing business for this long. You can personally meet us and verify our quality.

Long and good track record

We have been here for 24 years and have served customers for that long. Our customers are satisfied with our results. You can personally check the customer feedback by talking to them directly.

Emergency service provider

We always care about the customers’ needs. That’s why we offer emergency repair, replacement, and installation services to meet your urgent needs. Our dedicated team is always ready to respond to your emergency call. It can be storm damage, intruder problems, or other needs, we will be there on time to fix them.

Free cost estimation

Setting a budget is the most crucial part of installing, repairing, or replacing. That’s why we offer free cost estimation so you can easily set your budget and compare our costs with others for a more budget-friendly experience. Our estimation is transparent and free from any hidden charge.

Skills and experience

Finally, our skills and experience are unparalleled. Our technicians have undergone multiple tests to acquire the skills they have right now. Your home or commercial space will be in safe hands for sure.



Does your residential roof need repair, renovation, or replacement? Leave it to us - we specialize in everything. Our services include simple repair, inspection, flat roofing, shingle replacement, asphalt shingles, gutters, and more to fulfill your residential roofing needs. We use high-quality materials and certified technicians to ensure perfection and longevity. Whether you are dealing with leaks or damaged shingles or want to upgrade the roof, we are here to help.
Roofing Services in Bergen County
About Our company


Our commercial roofing service is tailored to fulfill your business needs. A professional roof appearance is a must to maintain your business integrity and protect assets while keeping expenses low. Having that in mind, we offer cost-effective yet reliable roofing services. The comprehensive service includes simple roof repair, inspection, and installation with a wide range of variations.


Bring a classic look to your property with our masonry service. Our skilled masons are experienced in creating some stunning features in outdoor Kitchens, walkaways, front steps, patios and porches, and so on. Whether you need a customized curb appeal inside the home or a focal point outdoors, we are here to do the job.
Masonry Services by London General Contractor New Jersey
About Our company, Deck services


The deck is not only a place for public gatherings but also an aesthetic beauty of the property. However, properly utilizing the space and crafting a new deck takes work. As the leading deck guardian of New Jersey, we offer to prepare bespoke new decks and revitalize existing ones with the latest tools, methods, and technology. The cutting-edge deck design with smooth finishes will add beauty and last longer.


Upgrade your home or business space to enhance aesthetic appeal and save energy with our siding service. We have various siding options to suit your budget and style - from fiber cement siding inspection to full fiber cement siding replacement or installation. Our team takes care of every siding installation process precisely and carefully for the best output - within the shortest time at an affordable cost.
Siding Services new jersey by London General contractor
Chimney services in new jersey


The comprehensive chimney service ranges from routine cleaning to rebuilding a new one. Our expert team will ensure safety, efficiency, and compliance with local building codes, laws, and regulations. We use state-of-the-art equipment to deliver reliable chimney installation services. Know that your chimney is in safe hands.

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Our mission

Our mission is to deliver exceptional quality and unparalleled expertise to every project we do. With our expertise and skills, we are dedicated to delivering durability, longevity, and aesthetic appeal to your house.

Our Vision

Our vision is to set higher standards in the home improvement industry with innovation, growth, and sustainability. We want to be the first choice of every homeowner for their home improvement service. With our dedication, we want to make London General Contractor a synonym for excellent craftsmanship.