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Professional Fiber Cement & Vinyl Siding services in New Jersey

We understand choosing siding services in New Jersey is overwhelming. That’s where London General Contractor comes into the market. It is one of a few siding service providers with quality and a good track record.

We are a licensed and insured siding contractor in New Jersey. Customer satisfaction is the ultimate motive of our business, and we have been dealing with our clients since 2000 with maximum satisfaction.

Type of vinyl siding services we offer

Siding inspection

What is the condition of your current siding? It may seem good to your naked eyes. But deep down, there might be potential problems. We deliver comprehensive inspection services to discover potential issues and extend the longevity of your siding for its beautiful appearance. 

Brand new Fiber and Vinyl siding installation

Are you planning to install siding on your property? If so, we are here to help. Our skilled technicians use top-quality siding materials to deliver long-lasting siding service for perfect design. You can choose between fiber cement and vinyl siding depending on your needs.

Basic siding repair services if needed

Should our siding specialist find any problem during the inspection, they will suggest repairs. Rot, moisture infiltration, decay, and structural damage are common siding damage. If you permit, they will repair it immediately with their quality craftsmanship. They will also address underlying issues to prevent major future damages.

Storm damage or emergency repair service

One of our best siding installation services is emergency storm damage repair. Anytime you need emergency siding service, our rapid-response team will reach you quickly. We understand the urgency you have. Our technicians will address and fix the problem for future protection.


Sometimes, repair is not a variable option. In such cases, replacement is mandatory. We offer various quality materials to match your unique needs. We remove the old siding carefully without damaging your property and install new cement or vinyl siding.

Financing for fiber cement siding projects

London General Contractor, a reliable siding contractor in New Jersey, also finances fiber cement siding projects. This flexible financing function allows our customers to fix or renovate their homes even with a tight budget. Whether you need small repairs or complete installation, we are here to help.

Types of fiber cement and vinyl siding we offer

Horizontal siding

Most popular in the US, especially New Jersey, and suitable for traditional houses.

Vertical siding

Vertical sidings are suitable for more modern houses with sleek designs. They work well on farmhouse-style as well.

Mixing horizontal and vertical

This is an uncommon method of siding. But this will set your home apart from others.

Why should you choose us?

Free siding estimates

We offer transparent cost estimation for the siding project. It allows you to set the budget before installing or repairing siding and ensures affordable siding.

24 years of working experience

How many contractors in New Jersey have such decades of experience? We have been in the business since 2000 and have maintained the reputation for a long time. Our hands-on experience ensures quality service.

Certified and insured craftsmen

We are one of the few siding contractors in New Jersey with certification and insurance. Our accreditation and insurance prove the authenticity, quality, and trust. Our company’s experienced team undergoes rigorous training and assessment before getting accreditation. So you can rest assured that your siding project is in safe hands.

Hundreds of satisfied customers

During these years, we have satisfied hundreds of customers. You can contact our previous clients to check our reputation and quality of work.

Fastest or emergency delivery

We offer emergency siding project completion to handle your urgency due to natural disasters or other reasons. Our customer service team is always ready to respond.

Use of modern tools and techniques

Skilled technicians need modern tools and techniques. We provide those tools and training to adapt modern methods to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the work.

Wide range of siding options

We offer various siding options, including fiber cement siding and vinyl siding. Different Vinyl siding styles of siding are also available in our service.

Siding Services in New Jersey

How do we process the order?

Our working process is simple.

When should you repair or replace your siding?

siding replacing
cost of siding

What factors determine the cost of siding?

What to check before picking a siding contractor in New Jersey

Track record

Check the track record of a company. How long has it been serving the market? How many customers or clients has it served in this time? Checking the track record will help you know more about the company.

Delivery time

Consider checking the company's delivery time. You may need urgent siding service, but the contractor may need a few extra days to deliver the service.


Check the company's certification and insurance to understand the work's quality. It also ensures safety and compliance with the local law.


Finally, see whether the contractor offers customization or not. The flexibility of choosing siding type and style will help you install the right siding for your property.

Customer review

Try to check authentic customer feedback. Check social media and forums to see what customers say about the company. Try to contact the customer personally to get honest feedback.

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