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Professional Roof Repair New Jersey

London General Contractor for any professional and affordable roof repair service in New Jersey – from damage to a storm or a regular roof inspection. We understand the urgency of your repair needs. We have been doing roof repairs for more than 20 years. From minor issue repairs such as leaks to larger issues such as shingle replacement, we do all.

Who we are

We are a family-owned roof repair contractor located in North Jersey. Since 2000, we have been successfully repairing roofs. Hundreds of clients have taken advantage of our roofing service. We have GAF master elite roofing contractor certification that shows our credentials and quality workmanship. Our technicians have undergone rigorous tests and training to achieve that quality of service.

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Types of repairing we offer

Roof Inspection

Identifying the damage or underlying roofing issues with amature and naked eyes is impossible. That can lead to some major issues and cost you more in the future. We offer a current roof inspection service to identify any underlying problem and assess the intensity of the problem. It prevents the roof from major damage.

Basic maintenance and cleaning

Keeping the roof clean and maintaining it properly can enhance the roof's lifespan. We offer basic cleaning and maintenance services, so you don't have to do anything. Everything is covered in this repair service, from cleaning any dust, nests, and debris to draining water. No extra cost is required. 

Damage repair

Do you have lifting or missing shingles on your roof? It is a sign that your roof is deteriorating and needs immediate repair. Our damage repair service identifies the missing or lifting shingles from your roof and repairs or replaces that shingle. It brings a new look to your roof and prevents it from major damage and costly repairs. 

Minor issue repair

Your roof might have cracked shingles or water leakage. We have minor to major repair services - from sealing water leakage to installing new shingles. Our skilled team technicians are capable of identifying and fixing those minor issues.

Emergency roof repair

Do you need emergency roofing repair service due to storm damage or any other urgency? Good news! We have an emergency repair service to address your urgency. Our roofing experts are always ready to respond to your emergency needs. We understand that roof damage poses risks to property safety and security.

Gutters, downspouts, and soffit border repair

Gutters, downspouts, or soffit borders are responsible for proper drainage and ventilation. Along with the roof, we offer these repair services to maintain proper ventilation and drainage and keep the home roof and interior safe.

Skylight repair and install

Finally, we have a skylight repair and installation service. A skylight is an important part of your roofing system to get more air and light.

When should you repair your roof?

Any visible damage

Check for any visible damages on your roof. Look for water damage, leaks, or shingle liftings. Discoloration is another sign of a damaged roof. I know it is difficult to find the damages with inexperienced eyes. You can use our inspection services to identify any damage to your roof.

Storm damages

Storms can happen anytime; when they do, they damage the roof. Hailstorms, high winds, and heavy rain are common natural disasters in New Jersey. Run a thorough inspection after the storm to find out any visible damages. Schedule a repair immediately after you see the damage to get an accurate estimate. 

Roof Leaks

Leaks are common in roofs. However, they damage the roof and the house's interior. You can check the leaky roof by observing water draining, staining walls, and moisture around the attic area. Handling leaks is important to prevent mold, water damage, or structural damage to the house or commercial spaces.

Aging roofs

The roofs get weaker and weaker with age. And it weathers the elements that lead to wear and tear. Check the lifespan of the roof. See some aging signs such as fading, higher energy bills, and others. Consider repairing the roof as soon as possible for better performance.

Buckling shingles

Curling, buckling, or warping are some common signs of damaged shingles that will damage the roof's structural integrity. It also leads to water leakage, which will cause even more problems. Invest in the roof for repair to avoid future problems.

Sagging roofs

A sagging roof clearly indicates water damage or structural problems underneath. Try to address the problem as soon as possible and repair it.

Higher energy bills

Is your energy bill going higher and higher day by day? A faulty roof can be the reason for this problem. A compromised roof will reduce the energy efficiency of the building, which will ultimately increase the energy bills. Invest in a more energy-efficient roof to improve the efficiency of the building.

Reduce heat

If the inner heat is too high, repair the roof or add a coat over it to block the sunlight and reduce heat. It is suitable for areas with higher temperatures.

Why should you choose us for roof repair?

We are your neighbors

We are a family-owned business in New Jersey and have been doing business since 2000. That means we are your neighbors who will help you repair the roof. You can know details about us any time you want from our previous clients.

Good track record and history

With our 24-year track record and history, you can easily understand how good we are regarding roof repair.

Experienced technicians

Our industry expert technicians are highly skilled and dedicated. They will do everything possible to make your roof look new and functional.

Certification and insurance

We have GAF master elite certification. It indicates the commitment to quality we provide. Very few companies in New Jersey have this certification. Besides, we have insurance. So you can have peace of mind knowing that your roof is safe.

Emergency services

Finally, we offer emergency services. We will be available to provide your service for any kind of emergency, whether it be a storm, heavy rain, or others. We understand your urgency very well.

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