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Railings & Stairs

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Railings & Stairs

Elevate your backyard or outdoor space with our durable outdoor railing. Crafted from high-performance composite and aluminum, our outdoor railing is perfect for any deck or porch. Discover our range of decking and railing duos to create the perfect combination for your outdoor area.

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Get an Extra $1,000 OFF Your Railings & Stairs Project

Request a Free* No-Obligation Quote & Expert Advice!

Enhance your entryway with stunning custom railing and stair services in New Jersey

Call us for professional railings and stair services in New Jersey. We, the London General Contractor, offer A-to-Z railing and stair services – from installing interior railing to repairing the existing stairs. Our service includes different types of railings and stairs, such as modern, traditional, wrought iron, etc.

The Inside Story | London General Contractor

London General Contractor is a family-owned business that has been serving the industry since 2000. In these 24 years, we have served numerous clients with maximum satisfaction. We aim to provide top-quality service with skilled technicians and quality materials.

Railing and Stairs services New Jersey
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Our Railings & Stairs installation services

Exterior Railings

Exterior is what others see. So, it’s important to improve the functionality and aesthetic beauty of the exterior. To achieve that look and functionalities, we offer exterior railing services, including installing, designing, and finishing in your porches, decks, walkways, and other outdoor spaces. You will also have different styles and weather-resistant materials to pick from to meet your unique needs. Customization is where we thrive.


We offer stair installation and building services along with the interior and exterior rails. Depending on the home type, you can pick from different stair styles, such as straight, curved, spiral, and others. Different materials such as wood, metal, and composite are also available depending on the location and home interior.

Repair and Renovation

Do you already have rails and stairs in your home that have become cracked, broken, or discolored due to weather and age? If so, we are here to help. We repair and renovate stairs and railings - from minor cracks to uneven finish, re-repair everything.

Why should you choose us for Railings & Stairs

Railing and Stairs professional design
Professional design

We understand that railings and stairs are a functional property and an aesthetic feature of your house. That’s why our expert team not only just builds railings and stairs but also designs smoothly to complement your home design. Whether you want a classic masterpiece or a modern geometric design, our certified experts will do them easily.

Quick Delivery
Quick delivery

Since we prioritize the customer needs first, quick delivery is our promise. Our highly skilled technicians and customer service are always ready to respond to your emergency needs. We use modern tools and advanced techniques to ensure higher efficiency and quick delivery. It also ensures less wastage in your work.

Trained Team
Licensed, certified, and trained team

We are one of the few New Jersey contractors with certification, license, and trained team. Our team has undergone special training to use modern tools and advanced industry practices to ensure quality of work. That’s why our customers are so happy with our work.

Railing and Stairs services New Jersey
Customized options

Our team will work closely with you to understand your home design, safety needs, and architectural style and customize the railings and stairs. You can pick any designs or styles you want, and our team will implement them.

Railing and Stairs services New Jersey
Top-notch materials

We not only have the best technicians and techniques but also use top-quality materials from top-class brands. It ensures the longevity and durability of your railings and stairs.

Railing and Stairs services New Jersey
Localization at best

We are your neighbors, and we understand your preferences and unique needs. Most of our technicians are from New Jersey. This localization helps us understand local trends and implement them in customer projects.

Top-Notch Materials We Utilize


Wood is a classic material to make stairs and railings. We use top-quality wood for railings and stairs.


Metal is another good material to use because it offers durability and less maintenance.


Aluminum offers lightweight and weather-resistant features, making it a perfect option for railings and stairs.


Composite materials offer wood-like look and PVC-like durability.

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