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Outdoor Kitchen

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Get an Extra $1,000 OFF Your Outdoor Kitchen Project

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Outdoor Kitchen

Take control, skip all the frustration, and make your backyard dreams come true with london general contractor

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Get an Extra $1,000 OFF Your Outdoor Kitchen Project

Request a Free* No-Obligation Quote & Expert Advice!

Premier Outdoor Kitchen Designers And Builders In New Jersey, Creating The Prefect Open Air Cooking Experience

An outdoor kitchen is more than just a patio. It’s an extension of your exterior to transform your outdoors into a place for entertainment. A well-designed outdoor kitchen enhances the functionality and resale value of your house. Call London General Contractor, one of the best outdoor kitchen builders in New Jersey, with years of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients.

Building Dreams: Meet London General Contractor

London General Contractor started its business in 2000 in New Jersey with a vision to improve the beauty and functionality of your outdoors. Since then, we have served hundreds of customers to improve their house value and functionalities. We aim to thrive with innovation, modern technology, and best industry practices. Our team has multiple awards for their skills. We also have insurance, license, and certification, showing our credentials and work warranty.

Outdoor Kitchen Installation New Jersey

Trusted Services, Trusted Results

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Design & Planning

Our skilled technicians are experts in creating unique designs that complement your house. They will plan and draft the designs and show you for approval.

Good Design Principles: Our team will assess regular traffic flow, placement of appliances, and ventilation of your property to ensure good design principles. They will also consider space limitation, budget, and functionality for the best planning.

Complementing Spaces: They will also create strategies to integrate the kitchen with patios, decks, pools, and gardens for better cohesiveness.

Low Maintenance Options: We offer planning and design that will require the lowest maintenance and save you money.

Creating Beautiful and Functional Spaces: Our team is committed to creating functional yet beautiful outdoor kitchen spaces to improve the house's aesthetic value.

Construction & Installation

Along with planning, we specialize in construction and installing outdoor kitchens. When installing, we focus on safety codes. Top-quality materials such as stone, 316-grade Stainless Steel, and others are used to ensure quality. Our award-winning craftsmanship ensures maximum warranty of the work.

Appliance Selection & Integration

We also help the customer pick high-quality, weather-resistant appliances that will withstand tough weather while integrating seamlessly with your kitchen. It includes grilling stations, food prep and storage, sinks and refrigerators, seating and dining areas, fire features, recycle bins, and all other modern features.

What Should You Include in Your Outdoor Kitchen?

Grilling stations

Food prep and storage

Sinks and refrigerators

Seating and dining areas

Fire features

Recycle bins

Additional Cooking Appliances

Outdoor Kitchen Installation New Jersey

Benefits of Our Outdoor Kitchen Design & Installation Services

Benefits of Outdoor Designs and Installation

A More Functional Pool or Pavilion

Our outdoor kitchen is perfect for hosting various events, including birthday parties, dinner celebrations, and wedding rehearsal dinners.

Designs and Installation in New Jersey

Expand your entertainment spaces

Installing an outdoor kitchen allows you to expand your living spaces for better entertainment. You can spend quality time with your family while enjoying cooking in nature.

New Jersey Outdoor kitchen Designs and Installation

Create lasting memories

An outdoor kitchen can help you create some long-lasting memories - from backyard barbecues to poolside parties. Indoor kitchens cannot create such memories since family and friends are not involved much. You will cherish these memories lifelong.

Enjoy with family

Enjoy time with family

The outdoor kitchen is a place for family gatherings. Everyone will participate in the cooking, which will be like a celebration. This family time is priceless.

Improve Property Value

Improve property value

Adding an outdoor kitchen to your property will greatly improve the property's value. It is considered a desired feature for the home property to the real estate listing, especially in New Jersey.

kitchen for healthy cooking

Healthy cooking option

The indoor kitchens are unhealthy due to stuck smoke and fumes of spices and gases. But you can reduce that risk with an outdoor kitchen. Even the fat will drip away from the food, which makes the food healthier.

Entertain in Style: London General Contractor Delivers Top-Quality Outdoor Kitchens

At London General Contractor, we specialize in creating stunning outdoor kitchens tailored to your preferences. With over 20 years of experience serving northern New Jersey, our skilled team is dedicated to bringing your dream landscape to life. Contact us today to explore our diverse outdoor kitchen ideas, materials, and process, and receive a personalized quote for your project. We’re here to assist you every step of the way.

  1. We are licensed, bonded, certified, and insured for business in New Jersey.
  2. Our team has won multiple awards for delivering quality work.
  3. We offer free cost estimation to set your budget before starting the project.
  4. We always use top-quality materials even if that reduces our profit.
  5. Customization is also available to satisfy unique customer needs.


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