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Door Replacement

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Professional Door Replacement in New Jersey

Call us today for professional door replacement in New Jersey. From the minor seal to the entire door – we replace everything. Damaged doors are a major security threat to your home or commercial house. They are also the first thing people see when entering your house. A broken or damaged door will create a wrong impression about you or your business. So, replace the door or parts immediately to restore their integrity.

Who are we?

London General Contractor is a local contractor based in New Jersey. We have been serving the area for door replacement since 2000. Our 24 years of experience makes hundreds of customers happy. We always pick quality materials from top-class brands to replace the doors, even if we have to make less profit. We have different certifications, approvals, and insurances to ensure top-notch work.

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Our door replacement services in NJ

Complete door replacement

There will be some situations when replacing a single damaged part will not work. Instead, that will reduce the functional efficiency and structural integrity. In such cases, replacing the entire door without damaging the construction of the building is necessary. Our complete door replacement service offers removing the damaged door and installing a new one to restore the visual and structural integrity of the house or commercial spaces.

Emergency door replacement service

We understand the urgency of your door replacement. It might be an intruder or storm that has damaged your door. A quick replacement is necessary to ensure the safety of your house. That's why we assure you of an emergency door or door parts replacement. Our skilled team will immediately reach out to you for a replacement.

Door locks

Door locks are important to ensure safety. Even this part is key to the door security. A damaged or broken door lock is always dangerous and prone to more damage. We are experts in addressing door issues and replacing them to ensure the maximum safety of your house.

Door glass service

The door glass gets foggy, shady, and cracked over time. It compromises the functionality and aesthetic beauty of the house. Our door glass replacement service offers the removal of old glass carefully and the installation of high-quality ones for better functionality, look, and efficiency.

Screens replacement service

Screen doors are used for better air circulation and protection against insects and pests. Aging, wear, and tear can create holes or damage the door’s screen, allowing insects and pests to enter. Our screen replacement service involves the removal of old and damaged screens and installing a new and high-quality one.

Hinges replacement

Hinges are important to ensure the smoothness of the door opening and closing. But sometimes, you experience sagging, sticking, or misalignment due to damaged or worn-out hinges. Our service will identify the issue and fix the problem promptly.

Caulk and seal replacement

Take our seal and caulk replacement service if the door seal is leaked, damaged, or worn out. Seals and caulk ensure proper ventilation, energy efficiency, soundproofing, and weather resistance. We remove old seals and install new ones for better functionality and energy efficiency.

Threshold replacement

Thresholds are the bottom part of the door that fills the gap between the door and the floor. They prevent insects, dust, debris, and pests from coming in. They also ensure protection against wind, rainwater, and heat. Our threshold replacement service involves installing high-quality ones to your old, damaged ones for better protection.

Frame replacement

The door frame is the structure of the door. Damage in the door frame is the damage in the door. Replace the door frame with quality materials and design tailored to your home design and door style.

When should you replace the door?


The older doors are less functional and more energy-consuming. Replacing them will bring back the aesthetic look and energy efficiency of the house or commercial spaces. Check the door's lifespan and see for other visible damages to understand the need for replacement. Ask for an expert opinion before replacing it.

Soundproofing issues

One of the functions of the door is noise-proofing. If your doors fail to deliver enough noise-proofing features, it is time to replace them and install an advanced soundproof door.

Broken or security issues

Storms or thieves can break or damage the doors, leading to security issues. If that happens, you must replace the door and install a more secure door for better safety. Remember, we are talking about the safety of your family and property.

Aesthetic look

Damages, discoloration, or scratches on the door decrease the aesthetic beauty of the house. If you want to improve the aesthetic beauty of the home or commercial space, replacement is necessary.

Energy efficiency

Doors play a vital role in saving your energy bills. If the bills suddenly go high, check the condition of your door and replace it promptly if needed.

Improve resale value

Does your home or commercial space have old-fashioned, less energy-efficient, and less functional doors? If so, the resell value will be less than expected. You should replace the old doors with modern and more energy-efficient ones to increase your door's resale value.

Types of doors we replace

Fiberglass Front Doors

Steel Front Doors

Wood Front Doors

Screen Doors

Storm Doors

Porch Doors

Patio Doors

French Doors

Sliding Glass Doors

Door replacement in New Jersey
New Jersey Door replacement

Why should you choose us for door replacement

We are a family-owned business that understands the security issues of your family and property.

Our location is open. You can check our work and talk to our previous clients for details about our service.

We offer emergency service.

Our technicians have undergone rigorous training and tests to ensure better performance.

We offer customization.

We are certified, insured, and have 24 years of experience.

How do we work?

1. We start by talking to you and understanding your needs.
2. Then, we provide free cost estimation to set your budget.
3. You will pick the design, type, and materials for your door.
4. Our team will replace the door or door part without damaging the structure.
5. We will clean the area after the job is completed.
6. Our customer manager will take your feedback to improve our performance.

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