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Deck Resurfacing

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The best Deck Restoration service in Pequannock NJ

Looking for expert deck restoration in Pequannock NJ? Our top-rated team offers comprehensive repair and refinishing services. Contact us today!

Deck resurfacing is a cost-effective way to bring back the natural look and structural integrity of your deck. Call London General Contractor to resurface your deck in New Jersey to restore its beauty and ensure safety.

Is your deck wearing and tearing? Is it aging and losing its color and temper? We have got your back. Our expert team will address issues like fading, cracking, staining, or others and fix them accordingly.

London General Contractor

London General Contractor is a premium deck resurfacing contractor in New York with a mission to make the deck look new aesthetically and functionally. We have been in the business since 2000, and in these 24 years, we have served hundreds of clients with maximum satisfaction. Our expert team is dedicated to understanding and fixing your deck problems. We are insured, licensed, and certified. We offer a wide range of deck services including composite decking

Deck Restoration Service In Pequannock NJ

Attention Homeowners: Signs Your Deck Needs Urgent Attention!

Visible wear and tear

Aging can weaken the wood or composite decking parts. Heavy rain and wind may cause minor cracks. If you see splintering, cracking, or warping on the deck, call us for resurfacing. It not only damages the look but also makes the surface unsafe.

Fading and discoloration

With time and UV rays exposure, the deck fades and discolors. Has your deck lost its charm and vibrant color? If so, it is time to resurface. Fading and discoloration are the signs of major underlying problems.

Missing or loosing boards underfoot

Does your deck feel spongy or loosen away slightly while walking? Or have you found a missing board? If you see any signs, address them promptly to avoid major accidents and future damages.

Rust and corrosion

The metal parts of the deck, such as nails, screws, and wires, will rust and corrode with time. Rust can weaken the deck's structural integrity, so you should take action immediately.

Mold and mildew growth

Winter and rain may cause moisture buildup to the deck, leading to mold and mildew growth. It can damage the look while posing great risks to your family.

Stubborn stains

Falling of spilled food or drinks can grow stubborn stains. Cleaning them to achieve a great finish is necessary here.
The texture surfaces of composite decks are designed to prevent slip. This ensures the safety of your family.

Benefits of Deck Restoration Service In Pequannock NJ

Bring back the natural look and structural integrity

Resurfacing will restore the natural look and structural integrity of the deck. Recoloring, fixing minor cracks, and changing or replacing missing parts restore the original luster and curb appeal.

Save money

You can prevent major problems by resurfacing the deck. Thus, homeowners can avoid major remodeling or replacing the entire deck. It saves money.


Resurfacing allows you to change damaged parts or upgrade the look to complement your house or property. You can upgrade the whole look without installing a new deck.

Prevent rot and decay

Addressing the underlying issues and applying coating and sealing can prevent future rot and decay. It enhances the look while prolonging the longevity of the deck.

Comprehensive Deck Repair and Refinishing Solutions

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Inspection and minor Repairs

After cleaning, we inspect and find minor cracks, rotting wood, or loose boards. Necessary repairs are made to fix those problems.

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Changing parts

We change some parts, such as loosened wood, nails, or others, if needed.

Sanding During Deck Resurfacing


After completing the cleaning, minor repairs, and major fixes, we start sanding the deck to prepare it for stain. A smooth and clean surface is perfect for staining and finishing.

Why Choose Our Deck Restoration Services in Pequannock NJ

We are your neighbors. You can visit us to see our work and talk to our previous customers to learn more.

We have certification, license, and insurance that show our credentials.

We always use high quality materials, whether stains, boards, or others.

Our technicians are highly skilled and have undergone rigorous tests and training to achieve that skill.

We provide emergency services to handle your urgency.

Our deck resurfacing is available year-round.

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