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Chimney Services

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Chimney Services

Regardless of your home’s style, a fireplace is a beloved feature for its beauty and warmth. Yet, the chimney is often overlooked.

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Professional Chimney Services in New Jersey

The Chimney exterior may seem perfect with your naked eyes. But there might be cracks, water damage, or bird nests inside the chimney waiting for more extensive damage. Getting a professional Chimney Service is essential to identify and prevent potential damages.

London General Contractor can solve this problem. We are experts in identifying inside cracks and damages and fixing them instantly.

Who We are

London General Contractor is a family-owned business located in  North Jersey. With more than 20 years of working experience and quality technicians, we offer a wide range of chimney services in New Jersey to protect your home. We have certification and insurance to perform versatile chimney care and services in New Jersey.

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Chimney Services in New Jersey we offer

New Homeowner Safety Inspections

New homeowners are not aware of the condition of their chimneys. There might be some safety hazards or potential damage that must be fixed. We are the Chimney Inspectors who offer a comprehensive safety inspection to discover any risks or damage so that you can follow the local safety guidelines.

Professional chimney cleaning

With time, creosote, debris, and obstructions build up inside the chimney. Failing to clean them regularly can pose fire hazards or reduce ventilation. Our professional chimney service uses advanced Chimney Cleaning Processes and techniques to clean chimneys to promote optimal performance.

Annual chimney inspection and routine maintenance

Do you have old chimneys? Old chimneys are prone to deterioration. That’s why a quality professional inspection service is required to find common issues such as structural weakness, cracks, or leaks. Our skilled and experienced team will find any hidden damages you have to prevent major damages.

Chimney Clog Removal

Blockage or stubborn clogs can prevent proper airflow and lead to safety hazards. We offer chimney clog removal services to remove obstructions and ensure proper airflow. You will not have the risk of smoke backdrafts or carbon monoxide buildup.

Residential Chimney installation

Our service includes residential chimney installation following the local rules and regulations. We prioritize customers’ demands and install chimneys according to their unique needs tailored to home style, sizing, and ventilation.

Chimney Repair

The chimney may develop different damages, such as leakages, deteriorating mortar joints, or cracks. Our expert team will inspect the chimney and find out the damages to repair and prevent future hazards.

Commercial Chimney installation

Along with the residential chimney installation, we offer chimney service in commercial spaces to meet your commercial needs. We deliver customized solutions for clients and follow the local guidelines for commercial chimney installation. The affordable cost function will help the business maintain legal obligations while delivering maximum output.

Chimney Crown Repair or Chimney Flashing installation

Functional chimney flashing and crowns are important to prevent water penetration through the chimney. It protects the chimney as well as the interior from water damage. Our flashing and crown installation and repair service involves installing new flashing, repairing old flashing, and ensuring tight seals around the structures to prevent water from coming in.

Chimney Masonry / Crown / Pointing / Stucco installation

The masonry parts of a chimney, such as a crown, pointing, or stucco, are important for structural support and weather resistance. We have experts in masonry installation and repair who can handle the repair or installation of these masonry parts in your chimney.

Chimney Liner, Dampers, Caps, Chimney Chase Covers, and other accessories installation

We also install different chimney parts, such as Chimney Liners, dampers, caps, covers, and other accessories. Proper installation includes accurate fitting, higher efficiency, and maximum safety against downdrafts, block debris, or animal entry.

Fireplace Smoke Guard

Smoke guards prevent chimney smoke generated from entering the house. A dysfunctional smoke guard will raise smoke-related concerns, reduce the fireplace's efficiency, and make the home environment unsafe. Our smoke guard quality service addresses issues in the smoke guard and repairs or replaces them accordingly.

Chimney Waterproofing

Finally, we offer chimney waterproofing through different sealing and coating. It prevents water damage and prolongs the lifespan of the chimney.

Types of cracks inside the chimney

Some of the common cracks inside the chimney are:

Chimney Liner Cracks

Mortar Joint Cracks

Chimney Crown Cracks

Firebox Mortar Joint Cracks

We have complete solutions to these cracks. Based on the status of the crack, we will repair or replace the parts to make the chimney functional again.

Your search for a Chimney Contractor in New Jersey will end with us

We are committed to delivering quality chimney service in New Jersey. Our experienced team will dedicatedly work to meet your unique needs and demands.

Some of the features of our company

Free cost estimation

Free cost estimation is our unique feature that gives a clear budget estimation for our clients. You can fix the chimney issue at affordable prices.

Certification and insurance

We are officially certified and insured to perform chimney services in New Jersey. Very few contractors have this feature. It implies that we have the credentials to handle your chimney correctly, regardless of your problem.

Comprehensive inspection

Our dedicated team specializes in inspecting and assessing the intensity of your chimney problem. Thus, we can suggest the right measurement to fix the problem.

Fastest emergency delivery

We are always ready to fix your problem. Call us anytime, and we will reach you as soon as possible. Our ready-to-response team will handle any emergency repair.

Good track record

We have been in the business for a long time. Our track record shows the quality we offer.

Customer satisfaction

You can contact local customers to learn more about our services. It will give you a clear picture of our quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can do basic inspections and repair minor damage without hiring a contractor. But there might be some major underlying issues that you cannot see with your immature naked eyes. Sometimes, minor problems are the signs of a large problem. So, hiring a professional and inspecting the chimney is better.

It generally takes a few hours to fix a chimney and a few days to replace it. However, the time varies with size, complexity, and type of chimney.

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